“Ends are always followed by beginnings. Something new could start now, right here! There really are so many wonderful things. “
- Tim Walker

Last year I wrote about paying attention. Most of this year felt like a prolonged exercise in attention: the trees in different colors in the neighbouring…

For the past ten years I’ve had anything between 50 to 70 speaking engagements and a 150 travel days each year. From workshops for teachers to high-production keynotes for business conferences events have been my bread and butter.

2020 changed this. I won’t be traveling for at least the rest…

This is the fifth year of going through the past year and probably the hardest one to date. So much happened, and it’s so easy to just list doing-ness (as opposed to other kind of growth). I spent a lot of time thinking about physical spaces, maps, exploration, structures and…

In a recent Cambridge study, a group of British children was shown picture cards, each depicting a common species of plant or wildlife. The researchers also showed the kids a second set of cards, each featuring a species of Pokémon character.

Overwhelmingly, the children aged eight and over were better…

I’ve never once worried about my online security. Sure, I could have a clever password strategy, set up VPN, encrypt my hard drive or tweak my browser settings, but as a result I’d create a joyless and pessimistic world-view. And who would want to hack a children’s book author anyways?

When I first started writing books about technology for kids, I knew almost nothing about pedagogy. For me, computing was magical, charming and imaginative — but the materials teaching it often dull and uninspiring. I enjoyed programming, but mixed Piaget to Papert, didn’t recognise computational thinking from constructivism.

Linda Liukas

I like shiny things and software. Childrens book author at http://t.co/BHa0N4JzUW. Co-founder of http://t.co/u9jfb7qnFB. @Codecademy alumni.

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