Experiments with online events

  1. Show & tell is back. Events are about escaping every day routine and I think we are all bored with badly lit office backdrops and slideshows. Time for show & tell!
    My keynote allowed me to establish a world, in this case a physical room, of my imagination and invite the participants in. On the stage I can’t show how I draw, what an algorithm looks like in practice or create intricate props. In some ways virtual actually means engaging more senses: Paul Curzon did a fun workshop on a chocolate Turing machine and I ate my computer at the end. I read about a Barcelona sangria-making AirBnB experience. My own workshop on machine learning had a dance break with Spot the robot (dance like no-ones watching, right?).
  1. There is a lot of research on how spaces help us attach experiences and memories and I think set design is something I’d like to learn more about.
  2. A lot of the vocabulary I’m developing around the community aspect of virtual events comes from Twitch. It is something I need to study more.
  3. Some conferences are sending workbooks, materials and photo opportunity materials (Instagram is one of the main things people do in events!) in advance, this could be something that allows to think about the listener experience in a very all-five-senses manner. Masterclass has been excellent in pairing video with other materials, but with the amount of content I have online it would be easy to scaffold an entire journey for the conference participant who wants to learn/do more.
  4. A bunch of writers on hosting virtual events, mostly from the tech space: YC on Hosting a virtual event
    Ben Evans on Solving Online Events
    First Round on Virtual Events Crash Course
    Matthew Ball on Virtual Theme Park Platforms (+ his writing on Fortnite is also extremely relevant)
    Gianfranco Chicco on Virtual Events Need to Break the Fourth Wall



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Linda Liukas

Linda Liukas


I like shiny things and software. Childrens book author at http://t.co/BHa0N4JzUW. Co-founder of http://t.co/u9jfb7qnFB. @Codecademy alumni.