• Mark Mit K

    Mark Mit K


  • Neil Patel

    Neil Patel

    Podcast host & producer . Fast learner, Passionate about storytelling. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges! www.neilpatel.co

  • Eric Spiegel

    Eric Spiegel

    Coder turned manager - don't judge. Day job = #VMware #EUC consulting; Otherwise promoting girls in #STEM for my 2 daughter's future. #codingisfun

  • Sebastian Martinez

    Sebastian Martinez

    VP of Engineering at WyeWorks. Love to travel the world and experience all the different foods and spices in it. Lifestyle medicine advocate.

  • Braden Goyette

    Braden Goyette

    Front page editor at the Huffington Post. Formerly: New York Daily News, ProPublica, The Nation

  • Dangerous Thinking

    Dangerous Thinking

    Writer, Educator, & Designer for Social Change Living on a 35' Sailboat (WayfindersNow.com)

  • Juuso Pekkinen

    Juuso Pekkinen

    aka Aleksi Ruuskanen. Actor / Uusi Päivä, radio host / YleX Maailma toiseksi paras radioshow, geek, student / aesthetics, post-apocalyptic philosopher samurai.

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